One Thing Leads to Another

Hi new and returning Cultists,

There are some of us whose lives are indelibly soundtracked by music. In one of my earliest memories I was standing next to our "high fidelity" system and trying to sing along with the Beatles, a favorite of my older brothers and our parents.

The Beatles - Should Have Known Better

If Moby's definition below is correct (and I think it is) music becomes an actual physical force describing our places in the universe at the time we hear it. It's not just passing by or through our ears; it's shaping the air around us.

It might seem to last for only the space of a pop song - but the music's real, tangible connection to the moment could stay with us for the rest of our lives.

I read somewhere that art is a sort of refutation of the laws of conservation of matter, because it makes something where nothing was before. We often resist change in our lives, but isn't making something where nothing was before one of the definitions of change?

Please share your tunes that are related to change. Endings...beginnings...firsts...lasts...
And the places in the middle. 

Because every change, every ending or beginning, as hard as it can seem, is also the middle of something else. It's all about where we put the endpoints.

The Fixx - One Thing Leads to Another


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