When the Lights Go Down On Disqus Channels

In which a soon-to-be legendary gathering of rock & roll bands plays a last-act corporate rave for our defunct channel platform

San Francisco, CA, Aug. 31, 2019: absolut clancy, News Views Guest Correspondent
Rock 'n' roll hasn't saved the world yet. And it couldn't save Disqus channels as former followers scrambled around the interwebz this month to make new homes for their communities.

In a gesture of solidarity with the dazed and confused Disqusers, a cadre of rock and pop musicians announced Channelpalooza, a one-time-only protest concert to bid farewell to channels and reprove Zeta Global and Disqus for their hapless surrender to trolling. 

Here we were. Fuck you if you can't understand us.

(Apologies to all those Clubhouse spies who thought they'd hacked an online child-sacrifice ritual meeting but found easy jocularity instead. It was social media.)

Back to current events: News Views is onsite at Disqus channels as the musicians disembark from the Jefferson Airplane and head backstage at Skip-Repeat. Symbiosis arising from division: take note, Disqus (and Disqus drama aficionados). The show opens with the eponymous band themselves and their spinoff spacecraft.

We hastily resurrect our tape recorders to capture the California eighties zeitgeist.

Green Day and Smash Mouth take stage and extend another middle finger to trolling and negativity toward differences. 

The former open with two classic paeans to the ephemeral nature of everything, even dreams and friends, while the latter offer a tuneful take on highly sensitive issues like online jealousy with quintessential delicacy.

Don't wanna be an American idiot? Then don't be one.

But if you must be one, Styx offers inspiration for the rest of us.

Elton John takes stage with Steve Perry and Journey (in another display of harmony arising from discord) and the collaboration sunsets our channels with what we expect to be the final sad, sad songs.

But there's always a twist from one or another unconventional bunch of Disqusers. Together with Lenny Kravitz they remind us about endings: we get to define them.

Down the dark desert highway of classic rock notoriety, we see a shimmering light.

Join us for new beginnings! Please share your comments with links to any sites you're following, and add your farewells to the channels. Thanks for being here with us!

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