National Read a Book Day: "It took me years to write..."

Hi Cult friends,
How about a books and music discussion?

In recognition of National Read a Book Day in the US (Sep. 6) Newsweek lists the top ten books of 2019 so far. Post any songs you can think of about books or reading- and writing-related subjects and we'll listen while we discuss.

Have you read any of the Newsweek books, or want to? What else have you read lately that you liked or disliked?

What makes you decide on reading a certain book? For example, how important is the cover illustration or the title? Do you read both fiction and non-fiction? Both ebooks and paper?

I'm a little superstitious when I borrow books from the library. When I start browsing the first book I pick up often seems to be a clue about how I'll do that time. If I end up liking it I usually find more, and I go home with an armful (or a full e-basket). But if I don't like the first one I often end up not finding anything else either.

When you start a book and don't like it, do you finish it anyway? If not, how far you do read before it's time to call it quits?

Do you need silence to focus on reading, or do you use background music or TV? Do you listen to audiobooks?

Do you catalogue your books? What's the maximum number of books you've ever owned? I just did mine using an Excel sheet. I noticed I had a few duplicate ebooks so I thought I needed a list. I'm just over 1000 in all formats (ebooks, paper, audiobooks). I had more print books but I've moved a lot lately so I cut down quite a bit.

I haven't read any of the Newsweek books but The Island of Sea Women is on my list, and I added the Lisa Jewell title just now. Right now I'm reading Madeline Miller's Circe with a Goodreads discussion group.

I've also been listening to audiobooks lately but with those I do better with books I've already read. If I lose focus for a few minutes I have to rewind an unfamiliar book, which is more of a nuisance than flipping back a few pages.

If you had to spend the rest of your life on a desert island with books by only one author, who would it be? That's a tough one for me but it would probably be Ursula K. LeGuin.

Let's hear your thoughts...then go read a book!

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