Weekend good mood music

In a few weeks Canada will kick off its Awesome Music Project and related book launch with an evening of "songs, stories, and science" whose aim is to explore the emotionally healing power of music.
The Awesome Music Project Canada: Songs of Hope and Happiness brings you behind-the-scenes glimpses into the music lives of a diverse array of Canadians. Olympic skier Jennifer Heil reveals the soundtrack that brought her the gold medal in Torino; singer-songwriter Michael Bublé celebrates the way music cemented his bond with his grandfather; and mental health advocate Eric Windeler shares the poignant song that helped him through the devastating loss of his son to suicide. 
These and other inspiring tales fill this beautifully illustrated tribute to the songs, musicians, and composers that comfort us, move us, and life our spirits. Rounding out The Awesome Music Project Canada are descriptions of the neurological research confirming the ways in which music is good for us. It improves our mental, emotional, and physical health, wards off loneliness and depression, and even delays dementia. To put it simply: music makes us feel good.

I haven't researched all those claims and there are several that interest me, but I can't deny that music has helped me get through some bad times. And after getting scolded today at work for not catching someone's question because I had my headphones on while walking down the hall, I'm figuring out ways to identify the people who don't feel this way. Aliens!!

This is one of my current go-to songs and bands.

Say Sue Me - But I Like You

I didn't know their history and relevance to this subject until I saw this recent article in The Guardian's "Ones To Watch" music column. It's about how they lost their original drummer to a severe head injury and helped with his medical bills. Music therapy for the musicians too...

How about you? What songs always put you in a good mood?


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