Film and Music Reboots: Lost that Lovin' Feeling?

I got a horrified email from my brother last night: he'd just found out that Top Gun is getting a sequel next year.

I'm dubious about it too. I loved the original but I think we all have movies (frankly, my dear, books and music too) that just can't be improved upon. As of yesterday Top Gun: Maverick is getting some decent buzz (<- Get it? Get it? "Buzz the tower"!) so I'm reserving judgment...we'll see. Here's the latest trailer:

What do you think about movie remakes and sequels?
How about song covers?
Book sequels?

What are some that you've loved or hated?
How about that special one that can't be touched?

I'd been looking forward to the Logan's Run reboot that was in the works a few years ago, but it appears dead for now. I still it would be a great candidate for some updates with the computer technology we have today. Family Guy was on the right track!

How about all the Star Wars sequels and prequels? Is is time to quell the 'quels? I'm way behind on those...I was a huge fan of the first three and the first three prequels (referencing earth time here) but I haven't seen all the new ones yet. What about Blade Runner? The new Watchmen series?

Sorry - I like sci-fi and fantasy, but this is open to all genres and formats. Here are a few song covers that I thought were fantastic.

Chrissie Hynde - I Shall Be Released (Live at Madison Square Garden, 1992) (Bob Dylan)
(Sheryl Crow on backup vocals can be seen in this video.)

The White Buffalo - House of the Rising Sun (The Animals)
(I love how he changed it to a woman's viewpoint.)

Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear - Dreams (Fleetwood Mac)
(This is spellbinding.)

Let's hear your thoughts! What second rounds did you love? What are the holy grails that should never be messed with? Remember...


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