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Slavery FTW, because starving kids in Africa

The Cult has been silent for a while. If anyone is still around and reading, I'm sorry about that! Technology is advancing rapidly and I'm awaiting cyborg-based or fully virtual existence, but real life still gets in the way sometimes. I had another post (related to science and Covid) almost ready last weekend when the aforementioned IRL interfered. This morning I ran across an item that looked more urgent, especially in light of current events in the US. [Photo and story, Wikipedia ] For those who don't already know, Scott Adams is the creator of the popular comic strip Dilbert , which is a well-done satire of US office life. Normally at this point I'd share an example or two. Not this time, and not sorry. I don't want to make light of the decidedly not-humorous material  he's generating about slavery and efforts at making reparation . [To determine what slavery stole from the black community] ...[C]ompare what would happen to the average black pe

Thinking randomly

Perhaps I should return to what I used to do: ponder mindlessly on things I have observed. After all, it beats taking up second-hand smoking two packs a day, and it is not too bad on my lungs. I stay away from the breathless typing (<- see what I did there?), and no one's the wiser. Much easier on the mind too: let a thought go un expressed.  It is only fair given that I do let a lot of thoughts go unexpressed.  So here starts an attempt in the New Year (Happy New Year, by the way): 1.  All songs by Chicago sound the same. This does not need an explanation.  Just listen to this song, and then point out a song of theirs that does not sound like it. See?  Told ya! 2. Monarchy appeals to freedom lovers in 'Murika. It was once said that no one could be truly free until the last king was strangled with the last priest's entrails. While vegans may not appreciate the imagery, they should try. Consider  Megxit . Far too many were engrossed in the supposed royal dra