What is Cult of Sundries about?

cult kəlt/
a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.

sun·dry ˈsəndrē/
plural noun: sundries
various items not important enough to be mentioned individually.

Cult of Sundries is a website to share opinions, ideas, information, humor, irony, experiences, and trivia—sundries—related to whatever deems our fancy, and we hope to attract other sexy, intelligent folks, old and young, to do the same.

With like-minded members. Yes, it is that kind of an echo chamber. People sharing common interests, or willing to acquire them from each other.

We strongly encourage original or at least personal content. We care to hear about your take on things. It is fine to link to, or cite content from, elsewhere (properly attributed and not plagiarized), but extensive cut-and-paste jobs with very few of your own thoughts are strongly discouraged. That’s what the rest of the Internet is for.

You may post on any subject in a manner compliant with our posting policy, including but not restricted to anime, news, music, .GIF contests, politics, religion, law, books, movies, science, … just about anything. However, be advised that there are more dedicated websites for some of these topics, and you may find posting there more to your satisfaction. Since moving to a new platform, if you wish to be a contributor, please contact one of the moderators.

Posting Policy
This is a website hosted on Google's infrastructure, whose rules are supremely overriding. This website will make efforts to comply with Google policies. We won’t always get it right.
Recognize that such may be, or appear to be, arbitrary, selectively or harshly enforced, capricious, confusing, deceptive, honest, or plain unfair.

Google provides the stadium, and we provide the spectacle. Some of it might even be stimulating.

If the policy is unacceptable, please find another venue to vent. Further, this website has its own commenting policy.

This website is not a free speech zone. The First Amendment does not apply here. If you do not understand that, you’ll be wasting time: yours and ours.

The easiest way to determine the appropriateness of behavior or posts here is to behave as you would when a guest in someone’s home. Our home.

We’ll attempt to be gracious hosts as long as you behave and do not annoy us. Please do not create unpleasant situations, and you will be forever welcome to sip all the tequila you want, with repeat invites.

We will respect you by default, but that regard is yours to lose.
Your beliefs, however, have to earn their respect.

We may delete a comment, close or delete a discussion, ban a poster, with or without warning for any reason we deem fit for the sole benefit of our cult.

We’ll try to not be censorious, but we’ll not spell out do’s and don’ts. If you are unsure, wait, watch, and learn.

We’re intolerant of misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, badgering, trolling, gratuitous insults, disruption, Pauly Shore, abject bigotry and all other things we deem unpleasant for the cult.

If you believe we misunderstood you, or have a complaint against a cult member that you believe needs our attention, please discuss this with us offline. Sparingly. Contact details are provided below.

Here, we are Miyagi; you are Daniel-san. Miyagi almost always wins, because he does not bear the burden of proof.

Want to pitch your website on ours? Contact us.

If you feel like you belong with us, and we are always looking for more cult members to seduce, here are a couple of cult symbols you can tack on to your username. They're decorative and makes us feel closer to you. Choose one. Choose all. Heck, change up when the mood strikes.

Contact Details
For matters related to this website, you may contact us here.

SK can be contacted here.
Clemency can be contacted here.

Welcome, Cult Members!

Original Launch Date: July 28, 2016
Rerun: August 13, 2019

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