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Slavery FTW, because starving kids in Africa

The Cult has been silent for a while. If anyone is still around and reading, I'm sorry about that! Technology is advancing rapidly and I'm awaiting cyborg-based or fully virtual existence, but real life still gets in the way sometimes. I had another post (related to science and Covid) almost ready last weekend when the aforementioned IRL interfered. This morning I ran across an item that looked more urgent, especially in light of current events in the US. [Photo and story, Wikipedia ] For those who don't already know, Scott Adams is the creator of the popular comic strip Dilbert , which is a well-done satire of US office life. Normally at this point I'd share an example or two. Not this time, and not sorry. I don't want to make light of the decidedly not-humorous material  he's generating about slavery and efforts at making reparation . [To determine what slavery stole from the black community] ...[C]ompare what would happen to the average black pe